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About Us

who we are

Welcome to Lovein7

your premier destination for harmonizing energy and enhancing well-being through the power of Feng Shui and Chakra products in the heart of Dubai. We are passionate about helping you achieve balance, peace, and prosperity in your life.

Feng shui stems from the Taoist belief in chi, or the life force that inhabits everything. Chi is made up of yin and yang elements. These are opposing but complementary forces that cannot be separated. Taoists believed that by balancing yin and yang elements, people can improve the flow of positive chi in their lives and keep the negative chi away. Feng shui is a method of balancing yin and yang, and improving the flow of chi by arranging furniture, decorations, buildings, and even whole cities in a beneficial way. The ancient Chinese people believed that arranging things to create positive chi would ensure good health, improve interpersonal relationships, and bring luck and prosperity.

Our Vision

harnessing the power of Feng Shui and Chakra energy.

At Lovein7, we believe that the energy surrounding us plays a pivotal role in shaping our experiences. Our vision is to empower individuals to create a harmonious and positive environment, promoting physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Our Commitment

we'll create positive energy and abundance in your life


We are dedicated to sourcing the highest-quality Feng Shui and Chakra products from around the world. Each item in our store is carefully selected to ensure authenticity, effectiveness, and durability. We believe that investing in the best products can lead to transformative outcomes.


Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable practitioners who are passionate about the principles of Feng Shui and Chakra balancing. We are here to provide guidance and share our expertise to help you make informed choices for your unique needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment where you can explore, learn, and discover the perfect products to align your energies and achieve your goals. We value your feedback and are committed to continually improving our offerings.

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Energy and Vital Strength.

At a prophecy session I saw my situation from the outside and found the right solution. Tarot helped me to cope with difficulties in life. The cards showed that everything will get better, and gave me hope.

Marianne Lee

Miami, 25 y.o.

I highly recommend receiving a Tarot card reading, if you want to move forward in your life successfully. Tarot showed more clearly the part of my future I needed to know.  I chose the right way when I was in doubt.

Lisa Brown

LA, 46 y.o.

If you’re thinking about a session of Tarot reading, I highly recommend doing it. I always turn to tarot when I’m worried about my relationship. I got so much valuable information during the session, that I feel calm and inspired.

Kylie Rogers

NY, 28 y.o.

Alice Long


Lily Moore